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T H E   M O X E



pole + swede was founded in 2015 by Joanna Wnorowski (the pole) and Caren Carlson (the swede). As co-founders, dear friends, and kindred spirits—“sole sisters” seemed the obvious epithet. Our footwear boasts a unique balance of style, craft, heritage, and comfort. The design for pole + swede’s signature line is inspired by a traditional Polish house shoe. It is a craft that has been passed down through families for generations. Both relevant and timeless, this shoe's unique aesthetic and ease of wear made the brand concept simple:  everyone needs a pair.

Through testimonials and personal experience, we’ve learned something special about our brand... pole + swede is more than style. We are comfort. Warmth. We’re about making memories in the one space where you can just be. That place where you welcome and confront some of the most meaningful things in life. You see, pole + swede becomes a part of your story. And wherever you take us, we’re along for the ride and always there to bring you back home.  #indulgeyoursole